Pretty much everyone I know has posted something about the iPhone, so I felt I had to join in.

The most intelligent comment so far can be found on Vecosys (read past the cisco stuff for some thoughtful stuff) and Jason Kottke.

For a more general take on the Apple fanboyism sweeping the internets this week, the Encyclopedia Dramatica has the best summary:

People who subscribe to Apple’s corporate philosophy (see human slavery or i-Noob) often espouse the notion that Apple products are somehow inherently more liberal than other things built out of metal and silicon. While this is true for the special case of Ann Coulter, Apple users are in all other cases simply the delusional but willing victims of trendy advertising, which makes expensive computers made by fascists appear to be a counter-culture political statement. Apple users are simply fucktards who will believe anything they see in a commercial, as long as it agrees with the knee-jerk opinions they have already formed from other advertisements. In the final analysis Apple users are helpless slaves irrevocably wed to the mediated and hyper-hedonistic run away freight train of industrial society; thanks to iPods built with alien mind control technology they are unable to conceive of existence outside of music, video, and images. It is these legions of iPod wearing zombies with their thick black framed glasses and trendy shiny hair who are the Storm-Troopers of the ‘Great-Beast’.

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